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Bleach Online is a quarterly arts and culture publication focused on fashion, art, music, and creative lifestyles. Each issue features fashion editorial photosets, feature articles and interviews with a wide range of artists and creatives, video content, and audio soundtracks.


Bleach primarily reaches culturally involved tastemakers and creators, strongly representing the fashion, blogger, arts communities, and socially active personalities on and offline. They are early adopters of products, services and media with demographics evenly split amongst males and females aged 21-37. They also generally have a medium to high disposable income for lifestyle products and services as well as an inclination to share socially about those products and services.


Our creative network shows a wide spectrum, including tastemakers from many sectors of the arts and lifestyle communities, giving us a strong voice for engaging with those tastemakers.


Bleach Issue: 25,000-35,000
Average issue views for first quarter after launch

Social Media: 75,000-100,000
Bleach social media and media-partner outlets

Launch Event: 20,000
promotion and projections at live event


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