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Kristin Wong
Brooklyn, New York

interview:Tiffany Diane Tso

Working with Bleach has meant opportunities to work with and showcase a number of artists, all of whom I greatly respect and admire. I have gotten to speak with and work with individuals whose work I have always been a fan of and artists whose work I have grown to be a fan of. Kristin Wong is absolutely one of those artists.

Having featured her work in a photo editorial and interviewed her for the Tokyo Plum issue, not to mention having spent high school art classes together, her illustration and photo work have always surprised me and always left me thinking, "this is not a normal person." She is constantly dreaming up outlandish ideas as if they were as mundane as choosing to eat a bagel for breakfast. She drums up these crazy, creative ideas and actualizes them in a way no one else could, as well as beautifully, concisely and skillfully.

Kristin was an obvious first choice when it came to concepting a Bleach Art series. Given the vague assignment to create something, anything with the idea of "bleach" in mind, I wanted to see what she would come up with. The result is pure magic.