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Foreplay and sex
while listening to Puddle of Mudd.

interview: Maggie Martine
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There are so many things that make a person stand out from the next, whether it be their personality, style, or talent. Alex Gehring is saturated with all of the above. Gehring is the bassist and a vocalist for the band, Ringo Deathstarr. Gehring recently edited, produced, and directed Ringo Deathstarr's first music video, "Two Girls" from their latest EP, Colour Trip. If you have the chance to encounter her painstaking beauty and quirky and charming personalty, consider yourself marked, stained, and imprinted by a rare light that will linger with you always.

You recently got back from a European tour, what were your favorite experiences from the trip?

I really loved Spain. We went to Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Grenada. Every single city was absolutely gorgeous and sunny. We spent some time on the beach in Barcelona, and it was amazing. We also got to visit the Alhambra in Grenada. I don't think I've ever taken so many photographs in my life. They just don't make buildings like that anymore. Getting the chance to play shows with Dean and Britta was an amazing experience in itself. They were extremely kind, and opening for them allowed us to play larger venues that we normally wouldn't be able to play. We also lucked out having such an amazing tour manager, Kiko. He knows everybody! He introduced me to Stephen and Katrina of the Pastels. I also met David from Comet Gaina, Mogwai, Fuck Buttons, and his sister is the head stylist for Elle Milan. We stayed in her flat while in Milan. It was amazing. Pretending to be Kiko's daughter and using his expired pharmacist license to get codeine and Xanax was pretty fun too.

Most of us know and are pleasantly aware of your great sense of style and passion for fashion. What were some trends you saw on tour that you really dug?

Aw thanks! It was hard to see what people were wearing since everyone was bundled up in giant coats and scarves, but I did notice that everyone there was wearing Dr.Martens in every color under the sun. I ended up finding a pair at a vintage store in Milan and wore them for the rest of the tour.

If I could give one quality I guess it would be my sense of humor or my ability to write hypothetical jingles for any given object on the spot.

What are your favorite songs on the new LP, Colour Trip and why?

I really love "Two Girls." It's kind of creepy but still dreamy. I also really like "Chloe." That one is pretty fun to play while driving. I'm a really great dancer when I'm in my car. Unfortunately, those moves don't translate on the dance floor.

When playing on stage to a large audience, what thoughts are going through your head?

Where did I put my vodka tonic? Do I have time to pee before the next song? Hi mom!

What would you change about yourself and if you could give one quality that you love about yourself to everyone, what would it be?

I would change my 'tude. I'm trying to be calmer and happier. I get overwhelmed really easily, and all I want to do is sit in bed with Mitch and eat jelly beans and taco salad and watch Community. If I could give one quality I guess it would be my sense of humor or my ability to write hypothetical jingles for any given object on the spot.

What initially sparked your fire for loving music and playing instruments?

My grandma had a piano, and when I was growing up I was always playing it. By playing it I mean just slapping my hands down on the keys and calling it a song. As I got older, I really loved to just sit there and figure out songs by ear. I remember figuring out The Simpsons theme song, Star Wars, and whatever other shows I was into. I wanted to play guitar, but I was terrible at it. I took the easy way out and asked for a bass when I was 13 or so. I started taking lessons from John Moyer who is now the bass player for Disturbed. I've been gettin' down with the sickness since I was just a tween.

Pick three tracks that someone could listen to before they actually met you to describe your existence.

Orange Juice "Falling and Laughing", Mudhonney "Touch Me I'm Sick", OH-OK "Choukoutien"

If you were a body of water, what would you be?

I'd be a Puddle of Mudd because that band is just the best, really changed my whole outlook as a 7th grader.

Sex or foreplay?

Both, while listening to Puddle of Mudd.