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A haunting soundtrack laced
with reverb and honey.

interview: Tiffany Tso
images: courtesy Tashaki Miyaki

LA- and San Fransisco-based lo-fi band Tashaki Miyaki seemed to have appeared on our radar overnight, and we haven't been able to get their haunting tunes out of our heads. Imagine you are down a dimly lit highway at dawn, feeling unburdened by the twists and turns of life — Tashaki seems to perfectly soundtrack this moment of melatonin'd serenity.

The band, made up of duo Lucy and Rocky, was formed after a late night jam session and impromptu recordings. Something seems to have clicked, because in the band's short time post-formation, they've already put out a couple of inspiring EPs and recorded some of my favorite Sam Cooke & Everly Brothers covers soaked in shoegaze and reverb.

What exactly is “Tashaki Miyaki”? Where does that name come from?

Lucy: I had one two many beers one night and mispronounced Takashi Miike's name and decided it was a good band name. Rocky agreed.

The identities of Tashaki Miyaki seem to be shrouded in mystery, how does this interplay with the music?

We like to keep it about the music.

Your videos always seem to feature animal imagery. If Tashaki Miyaki had a spirit animal, what would it be?

Lucy: I would definitely be some kind of wildcat, and Rocky would be a really kind-hearted wolf. It would be like a Milo and Otis situation.

Were your videos created from found footage or shot for the sole purpose?

The director, Juan Iglesias, shot stuff after listening to our songs a bunch... That's how he gets inspired. It was all shot for the purpose of the video.

How did you end up connecting with Juan Iglesias in the first place?

We met Juan while on a fishing trip off the Ivory Coast.

In your wildest dreams, who would make a tashaki music video?

Definitely Quentin Tarantino.

Who are your most major influences (musicians or others)?

Rocky: My dad.
Lucy: Uncle Neil.

If you could experience any decade in history, which would you choose and why?

Rocky: '80s Sunset Strip with David Lee Roth.
Lucy: The 1950s, because so much was going on in every avenue of life—so much change and new ideas—or Paris in the 1920s which was obviously just a giant party full of interesting people.

What do you think the world will be like in 2030?

Lucy: Terrifying and strange.
Rocky: Very dry.

Glass half empty or full?


If you aren't making music, what are you doing?

Lucy: Sleeping.
Rocky: Pumping iron.

Better yet, what are you eating?

Lucy: Everything. I love food.
Rocky: Mustard Seed Cafe

What would your last meal be?

Lucy: Surf and turf with perfect mashed potatoes.
Rocky: Sam Wo's in San Francisco.

I would definitely be some kind of wildcat, and Rocky would be a really kind-hearted wolf