Miguel Angel shoots, spins, edits, and documents our lives

words: Jacqueline Fernandez
video: Miguel Angel, uLOVEi

Have you ever had someone randomly shove their tongue in your mouth? Perhaps the experience was a bit odd, invasive but also quite memorable and nice. This is how one might feel at first introduction with uLOVEi's video camera aimed at them. However, Miguel Angel is no predator with his personable and charming attitude, he just wants to capture and share. Besides documenting friends and strangers at social events in his trademark vintage suits or entertaining as DJ for parties, he produces video content for brands such as Red Bull, Spin Earth and Fashion Leak, among others. He's interviewed both well-known and undiscovered bands, dj's and designers and covered festivals such as ACL, Fun Fun Fun Fest and SXSW.

uLOVEi was sent questions and submitted his interview via video format. We have also included a couple of his videos: an insightful piece on relationships called 'Women I Know' and another short video he filmed for Fashion Leak featuring a profile on independent designer Via Christa.

Miguel Angel

uLOVEi Interview

Fashion Leak Via Christa Profile

Women I Know