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"There was a King of old who had twelve daughters. Some of them were fair as swans in spring, some dark as trees on a mountainside, and all were thought beautiful. And because the King wished to keep their beauty to himself only, they slept at night in twelve beds in one long stone chamber whose doors were closely barred and bolted."

- The Dancing Princesses by Walter de la Mere
photography: Briana Purser
art director: Maggie Martine
wardrobe stylist: Stephaine Villalobos / Laced With Romance
assistant wardrobe stylist: Jennifer Raines
assistant wardrobe stylist: Christina Jarrous
hair stylist: Sara Ostovar
makeup artist: Jacqueline Fernandez
clothing provided by: Laced With Romance Vintage / Dollface Vintage / Buffalo Exchange
Aquarius, Caysi Binkley
Pisces, Hannah Milford
Aries, Maggie Martine
Taurus, Michelle Fairbanks
Gemini, Rachel Hunt
Cancer, Maggie Lea
Leo, Alex Gehring
Virgo, Grace Weeden
Libra, Dagny Piasecki
Scorpio, Sara Larocca-Ramm
Sagittarius, Kaylan Drake Burnett
Capricorn, Kathleen Carmichael