Diego Mireles art

diego mireles

Seems to exist in that hazy plane between
reality and surreality

words: Daniel Perlaky
images: courtesy Diego Mireles

As much work as artist Diego Mireles puts out, he's often hard to find live and in person... much like his depictions of mythical creatures Mireles seems to exist in that hazy plane between reality and surreality, only leaving complex clues of bright paint and naked wood grain as ways to find him. Sometimes one cannot be sure that he's even real, but, the world sucks balls much less when you embrace desperate acts of faith.

Your work seems to be a a disturbing blend of mescaline-infused psychedelia, Native American patterns crafted by drunk children, 80s fluorescent extravagance, and mystical cartoons seen through the scavenger mentality of Robert auschenberg visiting Colonel Kurtz deep in the Heart of Darkness.  Could you comment on that?

I don't know how to go about providing a comment for such a detailed description. I suppose my art is a therapeutic way of revisiting my childhood fascinations while blending present day experiences such as Huichole culture, art and spirituality.

Do you think art is at the mercy of its creator or is it the other way around?

I think it can go both ways but  I feel it is more natural when the creative energy summons me. Art feels contrived when I am sitting in front of a blank piece of wood waiting for ideas to come.

What are some of the most unlikely sources of inspiration that make you do what you do?

Mexican herb shops (hierberias), fabric patterns, Huichole folklore and automatism.

What's the most accurate statement someone made about your work and what were your reactions/thoughts?

My most memorable reaction to my art work was when Bradley Oliver's mom came to our show in our conservative hometown. She approached the wall which displayed several of my paintings and let out a series of operatic "OH MY GOD!"'s each higher in pitch than the last with gasps in between. My initial thought to her reaction was "wow, I wish more small town, conservative housewives came to my shows.

What's your fascination with mythical creatures like the Sasquatch. Err... i meant real not mythical...

The creature you speak of is not Sasquatch. His name is Chupahuevos which loosely tanslates to Suckballs. He represents the frustration felt in a situation that "sucks balls".

When you look at a naked piece of wood, do you find it difficult to abstain from ravaging it with your paints right then and there?  Why does wood attract you so much and why is it important for you to leave some of it bare even after you've finished?

I am drawn to  the different patterns and textures produced by wood grain. The natural patterns are more beautiful  than anything I could ever produce. The wood grain in my paintings work symbiotically with the paint, colors and shapes which is why I choose to leave some of it bare.

What's an unanswered question you wish Marcel Duchamp would divulge to you?

Who was better at chess. You or ManRay?

You strike me as someone that would someday lead a cult (wether by choice or not). What would your followers believe the most in and what would they bring you as offerings?

They would worship the God of creativity and would bring me handmade arts and crafts as offerings.

You're in a grainy black and white film. Describe the scene of your death.

My character laughs to death and explodes like a pinata dispersing a perfect sphere of candy, hawk feathers, tacos, Fiesta gift certificates, face paint and mixtapes followed by the obligatory "FIN".

Diego Mireles portrait